Monday, October 24, 2011

Visit to Chattanooga Cupcakes Drive-Thru

I love going into bakeries, especially cute little cupcakes bakeries that seem to pop up everywhere (even if I don't really get to go in them as much as I would like to). This is Chattanooga Cupcakes second store. I've never been to the first store they have downtown, but I would love to someday! We went at 7:30 PM, and the drive-thru was totally spooky at the side and back of the building the bakery is in. You can go inside the bakery, but I just have to be difficult. They have a very yummy menu! We went on a Saturday and they have a 'regular' menu and then five other cupcakes they serve on specific days. I know it could be expensive to serve all sorts of cupcakes every day, but that's the only thing that really disappoints me about cupcake bakeries. They tempt me with flavors I can't have on the day I'm there! They also say they are a 'from-scratch' bakery, which I like. The customer service was perfect as well. The price was like any other cupcake place and was $3.28 with tax. In my opinion, I really hate paying almost $4 for a single cupcake and I guess that's why I hardly ever go into cupcake bakeries (as much as I would love to).


Now, I love frosting. But not so much that I want two cups worth of frosting on top of my cupcake. There needs to be that perfect balance of cake to frosting. I opted this time to get the red velvet cupcake, which I've always been hesitate to get due to the fact I don't understand the hype of red velvet. I've made a few red velvet cakes myself, and they just don't pop out as one of my favorites. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? So, I get home with my cupcake and can't wait to dig in. The first I notice...two cups of frosting on my cupcake. I mean, a massive amount. I dip my tongue in to get a small amount of frosting to try. The frosting was a yummy cream cheese with red sanding sugar sparingly sprinkled on top. I try to eat my cupcake with the frosting on top, and eventually it just becomes too much and I almost put my dog into sugar coma with the handful of frosting I ended up giving him. I know, shame on me. He wanted some SO bad, though! The cupcake, sadly, wasn't something I'd go tell everyone to go out and buy. I wish I would have gone with the chocolate/chocolate combo. The cake was incredibly crumbly. Something I shouldn't have eaten in bed while watching a movie. It got everywhere. I wouldn't mind going back to try something more exciting, so maybe you'll see more on Chattanooga Cupcakes!

Maybe some day I'll find that perfect red velvet that will get me hooked.

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