Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Best Mashed Potatoes

My husband loves...LOVES...loves mashed potatoes. He wants mashed potatoes for every meal. No matter what I cook. Pizza? Husband says 'Can we have mashed potatoes with it?' Chinese takeout? Husband says 'Can we have mashed potatoes with it?' So needless to say, I needed some killer mashed potatoes! This is how I make mashed potatoes when the time comes, every single time, and it hasn't failed me yet.

Most of the people I know in 'real life' do not make mashed potatoes from a real potato. It always comes from a box. If I made mashed potatoes from a box? I think the world would end. If you feel intimidated by making mashed potatoes from a real potato, have no fear! It's not as bad as you think. 45 is all you really need, plus you can always make them ahead of time and pop them in the oven when you really need them.

This, my friends, is one of the most valuable tools you need in the kitchen. It's so smooth. It peels so well. It's inexpensive. You need one.

Even though my recipe says 4 or 5 large baking potatoes, I just used all the little ones we had left over. So pretend you see 4 or 5 large potatoes and not a bunch of little ones, okay?

You put your cut up potatoes in a pot. Cover them completely with water. Then you boil! Yummies are on the way.

Mash up your potatoes real good with your masher. Then add all your ingredients one at a time, then mash and you'll get...

Deliciousness on a plate. Oh my. Don't you wish you came over for dinner tonight?

The Best Mashed Potatoes
Recipe by: Me

4 or 5 large baking potatoes, peeled, cut in half
1 stick of butter, softened
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/4 heavy cream (or half and half or milk)
salt and pepper
1/2 stick of butter, softened, for topping

Staple Item

If an item says it's a staple item that means that I used so little of the full product that it wasn't worth the math to figure out each teaspoon, etc. Haha.

Total Price of Meal: $4.11

1. Peel your potatoes and cut out all the bad spots. Cut each potato in halves or quarters for faster and even cooking.

2. Prepare a big soup pot with water, and set on the stove. Dump (gently, unless you feel like getting wet) the potatoes into the water. Make sure all of the potatoes are completely covered! I always set my burner to high, but you can probably do medium-high with the same results, and boil your potatoes for about 30 minutes or more, depending on if the potatoes are done or not.

3. While your potatoes are boiling, set out 1 stick of butter and 4 ounces of cream cheese to soften. After 30 minutes, test your potatoes to see if they are ready. Stick a fork in one potato, and if it slides in easily, you're good to go! Your potato should be soft enough it'll want to fall apart. I don't like lumpy mashed potatoes, and I'm sure you don't either.

4. Turn your burner to low, and drain your potatoes. Return your potatoes to the same (dry) pot, and get your masher ready! Mash your potatoes for about two minutes, then add in your softened butter. Mash it up real good, then add in your 4 ounces of cream cheese. After mashing in the cream cheese, add in the heavy cream and mash until no more liquid remains. You may or may not need to add more heavy cream. Turn your burner off (I like nice and hot mashed potatoes. Mmm.).

5. Now it's time for seasoning! Add in the Season All and pepper, or whichever makes you the most happy. Taste test the potatoes, and if all is to your liking, let's serve it up for dinner!

Tip: My home is like a restaurant and I make everyone's plate for them. I add about 1 tablespoon butter to each mound of goodness. If you're just setting the potatoes in a serving dish, make sure to add half a stick or more of butter on top so it can slowly melt all over! Butter makes the world go round. Didn't you know that?

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